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Consulting for Docker

As the developers of Portainer, we have spent considerable time understanding the intricacies of Docker, and how to build and manage Docker at Enterprise scale. Through our own requirements for application testing and support, we have built up a vast array of experiences with Docker Swarm/SwarmMode (SwarmKit), Docker on Linux and Docker on Windows. We have used Docker on premises, Docker in AWS and Docker on Azure. We have used pretty much every conceivable way of deploying Docker.

If you are looking to deploy Docker, and would like to engage a consulting partner who can advise you on the best way to design and build your environment, then the team at Portainer are here to help.

In addition, we understand how best to use containers and how to deploy application stacks into containers in the most effective way. Should you need guidance on how to transition your application into a micro-service world, we are only too happy to guide you.

Portainer consulting staff are available on a "per week" engagement model, and services are either remote (webex/phone), or for longer assignments, we are happy for onsite sessions (T&E charged at cost).

Commercial Support

Whilst Portainer is designed to be simple to use, and has active community support, there remains benefits from having commercial support when used in business environments.

There are two support options available, you can find more information about these in the table below.

Support options

Features Open-source Enterprise - Basic
Docker CE engine, Docker Swarm, Overlay networking
Portainer UI with support for Swarm services & secrets, LDAP/AD authentication, user and team management, private registry authentication
9x5 support - unlimited incidents, 4 named support users
Community support on Slack
Dedicated Slack channel, email and web conference support



USD $100 per host per year

USD $1200 for unlimited hosts

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