portainer is simple to use

Simple to use

It has never been so easy to manage Docker. Portainer provides a detailed overview of Docker and allows you to manage containers, images, networks and volumes. It is also really easy to deploy, you are just one Docker command away from running Portainer anywhere.

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portainer is made for the Docker API

Made for Docker

Portainer is meant to be plugged on top of the Docker API. It has support for the latest versions of Docker, Docker Swarm and Swarm mode.

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portainer is simple to install

Services and support

We also offer a range of professional services engagements and software support plans.

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And more

Have a look at the following articles to learn more about Portainer.

the portainer documentation


Follow our documentation to start using Portainer.

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portainer comparison against shipyard rancher panamax

Solution comparison

See how Portainer compares against other management solutions like Shipyard, Panamax...

portainer is open source


Have a look at our roadmap or request a new feature.