Made for Docker

How Portainer integrates with Docker?

Portainer & Docker

Portainer has been built to run on a Docker engine so it can run anywhere where Docker is running. It is compatible with Docker for Linux AND Docker for Windows.

It has been designed to support everything that the Docker API has to offer. As the Docker API will evolve and propose new features, so will Portainer.

Multiple versions compliant

Portainer is compatible with multiple Docker versions:

Full support Partial support *
Docker 17.03
Docker 1.13
Docker 1.12
Docker 1.11
Docker 1.10
Docker for Windows
Docker on Windows
Swarm Mode (Docker 1.12+)
Docker Swarm >= 1.2.3
VMware vSphere Integrated Containers
Docker 1.9
Docker < 1.9
Docker Swarm < 1.2.3

* Some features are not available.

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