Portainer and the other solutions

What makes Portainer so special?


Shipyard is a management solution for Docker. It offers a similar UI experience as Portainer but with a more heavy setup. Where Shipyard implies the setup of multiple components (datastore, discovery mechanism, proxy, manager...) Portainer only requires the creation of one container.

Portainer also offers extra features such as container templates, networks management and volumes management.


Panamax is another management solution for Docker. It offers less features to manage Docker than Portainer and is still in beta version.


Rancher is a complete management platform for Docker. It offers a lot more than Portainer at the cost of a higher complexity. Where Rancher create its own layers such as network or orchestration, Portainer instead uses the builtin Docker features.

Feature comparison table

Portainer Shipyard Panamax Rancher
Manage your Docker containers
Access a container console
Manage your Docker images
Tag and push your Docker images
Manage your Docker networks
Manage your Docker volumes
Browse Docker events
Pre-configured container templates
Swarm cluster overview
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