How simple is it to deploy Portainer?

Portainer installation using Docker

Portainer runs as a lightweight Docker container (the Docker image weights 3MB) on a Docker engine or Swarm cluster. Therefore, you are one command away from running container on any machine using Docker.

Deploy Portainer

Use the following Docker command to run Portainer:

											docker run -d -p 9000:9000 portainer/portainer
You'll just need to access the port 9000 of the Docker engine where portainer is running using your browser.

Manage a Swarm cluster with Portainer

Deploying Portainer to manage a Swarm cluster is just as easy ! You just need to know that you must point Portainer at a manager node when connecting to a cluster created with Docker swarm mode.

											docker run -d -p 9000:9000 portainer/portainer -H tcp://SWARM_MANAGER_IP:2375

And more deployment scenarios

Have a look at our installation documentation for more deployment scenarios such as Portainer with data persistence, TLS authentication enabled engine, non-Docker setup or reverse proxy integrations.

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